Invisible Skateboards

Posted: October 20, 2011 by Two Dope Boyz in 2 Dope Botz, 600D, Canon, Videos
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For a long time I had this video in mind. Inspired by Spike Jonze’s video, I wanted to see if I can do my own “Invisible Skateboards” video.

So finally yesterday I got my act together, I grabbed my Canon 600D (love it!! More about it soon) and my tripod, and I got to Tel Aviv, to a place I just found few days ago, by a chance. I was disappointed to find mostly kids but I didn’t let it bring me down, and I decided to try anyways. I do have a resolution about the next time, if there will be, but all together I am very pleased.

Yes, it’s not best edited, but since I only wanted to give it a whole day for shooting and editing, that’s that.  And that’s that:


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