The Angry Man spoke!

Posted: October 27, 2011 by antoniobunt in Angry Man
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Indeed I will start some time soon. Welcome all, I’m Antonio Bunt (a.k.a. the Angry Man), the other half of the Dope Boyz. As a matter of fact I really hope I can post as often as possible. As I got back to work after a semi-retirement (forced of course!) I am trying to dust off the rust I have from not being active for almost a year. That helped me finish my Master’s degree thesis and take my final dissertation. So, am I gonna be called Master Angry Man? Not bloody likely! But getting my degree was really difficult in terms of time and dedication. I will try to post new photographic projects (my Master’s is in Photography) and whenever they are ready, some new film work. I was really away from cinema during my studies so I’m getting back on my feet, “filmically” speaking. Do tell us your thoughts and comments! Have a good time and remember: in the cinema, the guy who has the final word is always the one who sells the pop-corn!

In case you are wondering what I am up to, here’s a link to my personal blog so you can have a look at my work:


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