Ho… Ho… Home Alone?

Posted: December 25, 2011 by antoniobunt in Angry Man, Neglected Sundays

Please, don’t freak out! I am by no means refering to the hideous Macaulay Culkin’s horrible films. I am indeed home alone enjoying myself after a bike ride in my empty neighbourhood. I wish everyday was Christmas!

Not because I love the holidays, au contraire, I hate them! Not because my father dressed up as Santa died in the chimney (Remember Gremlins?). It’s just I don’t like holidays. OK, I must confess I don’t like people very much and I’m not a festive man.

For me, the best celebration is going to the cinema, even if it’s by myself. (Believe it of not, I DO have friends who like me!!!) Yesterday I went to see Susanne Bier’s Hævnen and at night, three ghosts visited me: the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present & Future and they all were full of nostalgic memories.

I didn’t want to review all those corny Christmas movies. C’mon!!! It’s a Wonderful Life again????? So I remembered the end scenes of two very different films and I decided to share them with you. The first is from Fellini’s La Strada (a beautiful film filled with very tender and human moments) and the second from Truffaut’s The 400 Blows (do I need to say more?)

For me both represent loneliness but at the same time, that loneliness is needed to be felt in order to improve yourself and think profoundly to achieve freedom and be good to oneself. Both endings are at the sea shore so it’s interesting how, for me,  the sea represents that freedom but at the same time the uncertainty of the limitless possibilites of the future. Humankind is facing this uncertainty.

It’s indeed thrilling to think about what will happen, what fate has for us now that a new year is around the corner. Indeed the calendar is still a random measurement for us humans but it’s a pretext to evalute what happened in the past.

Next week will be the dawn of a new year and I’ll make a small tribute to the year in review in cinematic terms.

For all of you cinephiles, I wish you have a great 2012 with great films in your life that uplift your spirits and for all filmmakers I wish you a year filled with creativity and the guts to make interesting projects. Bear in mind that cinema is life and to film is to live!!!

Have a great week and remember: in the cinema, the guy who has the final word is always the one who sells the pop-corn!


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