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Losing fingers is easy…

Posted: November 4, 2011 by Two Dope Boyz in 2 Dope Botz, 600D, Canon, Videos
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So this is a part of an upcoming shot. Ok, wait, let me rewind a bit. A while back few friends of mine and myself formed a small group for making videos. Nothing serious, none of us is a pro, but we do it for fun. Most of the videos are for competitions (I will post few of those very soon) and the rest are just for the sake of making them.

A week ago, while working on another video, I thought it would be nice to make an extended version. Usually in those competitions they give you a time limit (30, 60 or 90 seconds for each video), and sometimes we just want to show a bit more than what they allow us. This case is exactly it. We shot it while knowing that it probably won’t make it to the final version,  at least not that graphically, but we sure liked the idea.

So this is not perfect, but it is what it is:



An update

Posted: October 25, 2011 by Two Dope Boyz in 2 Dope Botz, 600D, Canon, Videos
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We are trying to update the blog as soon as possible. It’s still on the process of figuring and editing. The last few days were quite busy for me as I shot a video on Friday, started editing the same day and finished everything by yesterday. I won’t be able to show it yet as it’s part of a competition, but as soon as I can, it would be on.

I will explain a bit more about the process of making this video:

It was somewhat a guerrilla-video-making. We ran across the competition and its rules a week and a half ago, wrote the script in a couple of days (between first and third draft were only few similar things) and set to shoot it on Friday. We manage to get friends to act, although we did have cancellations so I needed to act in a small role. Also the office we set to shoot at wasn’t available, so we had to change locations (I based the shooting script on that office, so a major adjustment needed) and the office we actually shot at was busy, so we needed to do it brief.

All in all I am pleased with the results. My friends acted well, and it was fun making it. Also the final result (regardless to some issues, as shot we don’t have due to lack of time, or continuity problems) is not the best, it’s quite cute and somewhat funny. Another problem we faced on post production was cutting 30 seconds of the video, as the final video should be a minute long, rather than the minute and a half we planned. So when we’ll post it would be both the long and short version.

The equipment we used:

Canon 600D

Tamron 17-50/2.8f Lens

Shotgun mic

Zoom 2h


More updates soon.

Invisible Skateboards

Posted: October 20, 2011 by Two Dope Boyz in 2 Dope Botz, 600D, Canon, Videos
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For a long time I had this video in mind. Inspired by Spike Jonze’s video, I wanted to see if I can do my own “Invisible Skateboards” video.

So finally yesterday I got my act together, I grabbed my Canon 600D (love it!! More about it soon) and my tripod, and I got to Tel Aviv, to a place I just found few days ago, by a chance. I was disappointed to find mostly kids but I didn’t let it bring me down, and I decided to try anyways. I do have a resolution about the next time, if there will be, but all together I am very pleased.

Yes, it’s not best edited, but since I only wanted to give it a whole day for shooting and editing, that’s that.  And that’s that: