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Ok, well, not dying dying…unless you consider his movie-career (OUCH, count it).

Just a couple of weeks ago I read on the newspaper that Eddie Murphy is going to host the Oscars, or another award show. I read a bit more to find out that in the coming year we’re going to see him in 3 new movies. I don’t care about that. I mean, he had some funny movies, he was a great comedian (maybe still, I don’t follow) and what that dude did for donkeys is what the people in a town nearby are doing for sheep, but in a good way.

So what made me write a post about Eddie Murphy? This.

The plot of the movie – ‘A Thousand Words’  is about A guy who learns that he has only 1,000 words left to speak before he will die.

So what does it has to do with me?  I am glad you asked. If you checked my ‘Videos’ page, which I am sure you did, you could have seen that one of my videos there is called ‘Wordless‘. If you actually watched it, which I am sure you did, you could have seen that the description is “One man, 2000 words left”.

Yes, yes, I know. 2000 is easy breezy. try to have only 1000 words left, like Eddie. You’re right. Also you might think that since I wrote it in the description, I can edit it to whatever I want. True, but also the flying letters on the video are forming from those exact words – One man, 2000 words, left.

That video was my final project in After Effects class. We needed to create an opening for a movie or a TV show (or a trailer). I know I posted that only few month ago, but I have started the project a while back, and I even have one of my first drafts (I didn’t like the color correction) online.

So I guess I have a chance to pitch mediocre ideas for the Hollywood film industry.