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Yes, this blog is still taking its first breath, have yet to learn how to walk, but it’s in progress. Later on this weekend we’ll post some videos by the Buntman (aka Angry Man) in the video page and we have still more to come. It’s a work in progress, but it’s a promising beginning.

We did encounter a problem with the Like button, but it doesn’t mean you can’t Like us. If you do like  the stuff we are publishing (and believe me do, when I say there’s more to come) and our videos/photos, why don’t you click here. We do appreciate it.

So keep on checking the blog, as we have more to come. Cheerios!


The Angry Man spoke!

Posted: October 27, 2011 by antoniobunt in Angry Man
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Indeed I will start some time soon. Welcome all, I’m Antonio Bunt (a.k.a. the Angry Man), the other half of the Dope Boyz. As a matter of fact I really hope I can post as often as possible. As I got back to work after a semi-retirement (forced of course!) I am trying to dust off the rust I have from not being active for almost a year. That helped me finish my Master’s degree thesis and take my final dissertation. So, am I gonna be called Master Angry Man? Not bloody likely! But getting my degree was really difficult in terms of time and dedication. I will try to post new photographic projects (my Master’s is in Photography) and whenever they are ready, some new film work. I was really away from cinema during my studies so I’m getting back on my feet, “filmically” speaking. Do tell us your thoughts and comments! Have a good time and remember: in the cinema, the guy who has the final word is always the one who sells the pop-corn!

In case you are wondering what I am up to, here’s a link to my personal blog so you can have a look at my work:

An update

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We are trying to update the blog as soon as possible. It’s still on the process of figuring and editing. The last few days were quite busy for me as I shot a video on Friday, started editing the same day and finished everything by yesterday. I won’t be able to show it yet as it’s part of a competition, but as soon as I can, it would be on.

I will explain a bit more about the process of making this video:

It was somewhat a guerrilla-video-making. We ran across the competition and its rules a week and a half ago, wrote the script in a couple of days (between first and third draft were only few similar things) and set to shoot it on Friday. We manage to get friends to act, although we did have cancellations so I needed to act in a small role. Also the office we set to shoot at wasn’t available, so we had to change locations (I based the shooting script on that office, so a major adjustment needed) and the office we actually shot at was busy, so we needed to do it brief.

All in all I am pleased with the results. My friends acted well, and it was fun making it. Also the final result (regardless to some issues, as shot we don’t have due to lack of time, or continuity problems) is not the best, it’s quite cute and somewhat funny. Another problem we faced on post production was cutting 30 seconds of the video, as the final video should be a minute long, rather than the minute and a half we planned. So when we’ll post it would be both the long and short version.

The equipment we used:

Canon 600D

Tamron 17-50/2.8f Lens

Shotgun mic

Zoom 2h


More updates soon.

Invisible Skateboards

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For a long time I had this video in mind. Inspired by Spike Jonze’s video, I wanted to see if I can do my own “Invisible Skateboards” video.

So finally yesterday I got my act together, I grabbed my Canon 600D (love it!! More about it soon) and my tripod, and I got to Tel Aviv, to a place I just found few days ago, by a chance. I was disappointed to find mostly kids but I didn’t let it bring me down, and I decided to try anyways. I do have a resolution about the next time, if there will be, but all together I am very pleased.

Yes, it’s not best edited, but since I only wanted to give it a whole day for shooting and editing, that’s that.  And that’s that:

Welcoming the other Dope Boy

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Starting today, the “Angry Man’ should start writing posts, edit some and upload photos and videos of his art.

We also plan some “overseas” collaborations and many other goodies, all in the name of funkiness and art. Cheers!

A small update

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I just added the first photo to the “Face of Israel” page.

On that page I will post photos I was taking around Israel, of  special places, moments and people. I will mention if I have color corrected or edited any of the photos. Otherwise, they are all true capture of moments. Enjoy and share, and of course – comment if you have a request or anything to talk about 🙂

Ok, well, not dying dying…unless you consider his movie-career (OUCH, count it).

Just a couple of weeks ago I read on the newspaper that Eddie Murphy is going to host the Oscars, or another award show. I read a bit more to find out that in the coming year we’re going to see him in 3 new movies. I don’t care about that. I mean, he had some funny movies, he was a great comedian (maybe still, I don’t follow) and what that dude did for donkeys is what the people in a town nearby are doing for sheep, but in a good way.

So what made me write a post about Eddie Murphy? This.

The plot of the movie – ‘A Thousand Words’  is about A guy who learns that he has only 1,000 words left to speak before he will die.

So what does it has to do with me?  I am glad you asked. If you checked my ‘Videos’ page, which I am sure you did, you could have seen that one of my videos there is called ‘Wordless‘. If you actually watched it, which I am sure you did, you could have seen that the description is “One man, 2000 words left”.

Yes, yes, I know. 2000 is easy breezy. try to have only 1000 words left, like Eddie. You’re right. Also you might think that since I wrote it in the description, I can edit it to whatever I want. True, but also the flying letters on the video are forming from those exact words – One man, 2000 words, left.

That video was my final project in After Effects class. We needed to create an opening for a movie or a TV show (or a trailer). I know I posted that only few month ago, but I have started the project a while back, and I even have one of my first drafts (I didn’t like the color correction) online.

So I guess I have a chance to pitch mediocre ideas for the Hollywood film industry.