Videos by Antonio:

  • My first 16 mm experimental short film – Amen
  • A depressive short I made during dark times
  • A mix of Super 8 mm, still images and video project – About My Father
  • A short film documentary made with Eder Castillo and El Despacho initiative – Cacaro, Mr. Projectionist
  • Part of a future short film documentary about memories
  • A music video I made for the Mexican band Druidas, I made the b&w 16mm cinematography – Cristina
  • This was supposed to be part of a mockumentary but it was never finished, now it’s just part of the madness!
  • Ichiro – Perros de Museo – Subtitling work for this project by René Hayashi and Eder Castillo
  • Guatamex – Subtitling work for this project by René Hayashi and Eder Castillo
  • Mermaid (Sirena) – A 16mm experimental short film
  • Floating Gardens– Subtitling work for this project by René Hayashi and Eder Castillo
  • First of a series of self-promotion videos I intended to make
  • TV interview for the retrospective photo exhibit Pinhole Images at Channel 22 and TV Azteca
  • A Super 8 experimental film I directed with my son Diego- Sunday in the Park
  • Remains of my childhood – The last remaining Super 8 frames of my childhood taken from a home movie in the late Seventies

Videos by Liran:

  • Inspired by Spike Jonze, I tried to do this Invisible Skateboards video.
  • I think the title is self explained – The only guy who never watched LOST
  • I have Canon, so I wasn’t part of the Nikon’s people craving for a new camera. But I had to put a retouch to this video – Nikon?
  • My ‘After Effects’ class final project. (I’ll write more about it on an Eddie Murphy related post. Yes, you read it right) – Wordless (and an alternate ending)
  • A promotion video I did for a friend – Shay…
  • Remember the two Chinese boys lip dubbing? I put a small, and very short, twist in it – Chinese sings BSB
  • Not the best quality. I did it way before my AE class, but damn was it fun! – Schnappy
  • A wedding video I made for my friends with subtitles) – Run Moshiko Ran
  • This one was made when the Swine Flu just hit Mexico – KosherMan

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